Records with methods, Improved RTTI support

Delphi Web Script version 2.2 will soon be a wrap up, I’ve posted a preview zip (324 kb) for the SVN-averse.

Here is the summary of recent changes form the SVN side of DWS:

  • “Records-with-methods” are now supported, you can specify visibility (private/public/published), declare properties and methods (including class methods).
  • New TdwsRTTIConnector, exposes an RTTIVariant type to script which can connect directly to Delphi-side structures and classes that are accessible through RTTI. It can be used with either script runtime-type checks, or script compile-time type checks. More on that in a future post.
  • The TdwsRTTIExposer class can now expose class methods and records.
  • Abs() now benefits from compiler magic.
  • Support for abbreviated class declaration syntaxes “EMyException = class(Exception);” and “TMyClass = class(ISomeInterface) …”.
  • Various fixes, particular thanks to Alexey Kazantsev for his relentless testing of edge cases and high quality bug reports!