Delphi ChromiumEmbedded

The ChromiumEmbedded project just released r231 and DelphiChromiumEmbedded has been updated by Henri Gourvest almost immediately (!), and you can grab the code directly from the SVN.

In this post 2 days ago, I was remarking that Chrome 11 was now even faster than FireFox4, well, it appears that further progress has been made in the WebKit and V8 engine source CEF is based one, as CEF r231 runs the Mandelbrot benchmark another 20% faster than Chrome 11, meaning that JavaScript can now handle that floating point computation almost 3 times faster than vanilla Delphi XE code (not using TCanvas, which would make Delphi look horribly worse).

FWIW you can find in the DWS SVN the first very early prototype of a DWScript to JavaScript CodeGen, whose ultimate goal is to allow running Object Pascal code in a JavaScript environment. More on that sub-project in the next weeks/months as things unfold.

2 thoughts on “Delphi ChromiumEmbedded

  1. This project is extremely good and usefull. I can’t believe it took so long to have a good contender to TWebBrowser for the Delphi community. The only thing preventing me to use it in some projects is the WebKit limitation in content-editable mode which does not provide images and tables resizing capabilities where Mozilla and IE do 🙁

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