DWScript 2.1 branched

DWScript 2.1 RC2 has been promoted to stable 2.1.0 status, if you already have 2.1 RC2, you don’t need to download anything new.

If you use SVN, there is a now a “stable-2.1” branch which will see only fixes, evolutions and additions will now resume under “trunk”.

What can be expected for DWS 2.2?

In addition to the previously listed goals, which are still part of the background work, there are a few specific goals for 2.2:

  • separating execution context from the expression tree. Currently a compiled script can be run multiple times, but from only one thread at a a time, if you need to run two, you need to compile two instances (thus using up twice the memory). The goal is to allow the same program to be run from multiple threads at the same time.
  • language support for contracts programming.
  • 85% testing code coverage psychological threshold.
  • more demos/samples, at least a couple showcases of IDE/Debugger support features.

2 thoughts on “DWScript 2.1 branched

  1. Congratulations!

    Since I’m interested in using DWS in a server application, the multi-thread friendly version does make sense to me. The less memory it uses, the better.

    Very nice work!

    What is the minimum Delphi IDE compiler compatible?
    Does it compiles with Free Pascal?

  2. @A.Bouchez
    The minimum is Delphi 2009, though the lead platform is Delphi XE, so compatibility with older versions isn’t guaranteed in the trunk.

    There is use of generics, which AFAICT have a somewhat different syntax in FreePascal, so unless my version of Lazarus/FPC was too outdated and FPC now supports Delphi-like generics, it doesn’t compile in FPC at the moment. Usage of Delphi units is kept at a minimum though, so once FPC catches up, it should be quite feasible to support FPC.

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