Delphi Web Script preview 2

A DWS 2.1 preview 2 7z archive is available at googlecode DWScript page, you can also get the same code via SVN of course.

  • added support for the Delphi “Exit” syntax, which allows passing a return value as in Exit(“my return value”)
  • TConfiguration renamed to TdwsConfiguration, some DFM persistence tweaks (less verbose by default, should be backward compatible)
  • improved unit test coverage
  • minor tweaks to runtime or compile-time error messages

As the unit tests “safety net” spreads, I’ll add support for more modern-era Delphi language additions.

One thought on “Delphi Web Script preview 2

  1. Eric,

    When I build dws, for some reason the initialization section of dwsStringFunctions gets called before dwsFunctions. Meaning that a call to RegisterInternalStringFunction fails, because vInternalUnit has not been initialized yet.

    So I had to move “vInternalUnit := TInternalUnit.Create” to the initialization section of dwsStringFunctions to make it work.

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