glInfo for Android

Just published glInfo in the Android Market, this is a simple utility that provides information on the OpenGL ES driver of the device it’s running on (version, supported extensions, limits…) and allows to copy or mail the whole report.

Its purpose is to facilitate gathering device OpenGL ES support information, when the device you’re targeting or have issues with is in the hands of a non-developer… or in the hands of a lazy developer 😉

It is named after from the glInfo utility that used to be hosted at Tom Nuydens’s Delphi3d site.

6 thoughts on “glInfo for Android

  1. Hey Eric,

    Based upon your stellar work, I’m super excited to see you be interested in Android. I attended Google IO a few weeks ago and you could “cut with a knife” the excitement among the 5,000 attendees.

    I’ve been using Delphi since TP 3.0. I intend to keep using Delphi, but for sure am heading along the Android path too.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Would love to someday see a Delphi/Kylix version that supports Android as well. I think Android/ChromeOS is going to be the future.

  3. Hello, i use glInfo on my Nexus One and discover MSAA4x and MSAA2x options in EGLConfig. What are the values ? I would try it on my game. Thx for your help.

    Ps: a great idea is to support OpenGL ES 2.X too

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