SamplingProfiler v1.7.4

SamplingProfiler v1.7.4 is now available. This version adds an option for Delphi 2010 paths, and fixes a bug with the silent mode execution that would render it inoperative. There also have been other minor changes, mostly cosmetic.

This release also includes preparation for an “attach to process” option, which is currently not enabled, but should hopefully make in the next version (available “when ready”).

4 thoughts on “SamplingProfiler v1.7.4

  1. Eric, FYI, the profiler doesn’t seem to work under “Start Sampling Immediately” mode. Other modes are okay. (This is Delphi 2010, Windows 7.)

  2. I just stumbled onto this site from StackOverflow. I can’t tell, from the description of SamplingProfiler, what it actually samples. I hope it samples the call stack, and I hope it samples it on wall-clock time, not throwing away samples that occur during I/O that the thread has requested. I’m sure you understand that the fractional cost of any line of code is nicely estimated by the fraction of samples it appears on, and that recursion is a non-issue.

  3. Hi Eric,

    first thanks for your great tool! We found out a lot of bottlenecks in our applications. Best is that there is no need to change source code like in instrumenting profilers.
    Unfortunatly Sampling profiler is not working correct in Win7. Exe compiled with TD32 debug info can successfuly profiled in XP but same exe not in Win7. It shows random classes or just a 100% call in NTDll.dll
    One thing i saw is writing an error.log file in C:\ (this is not allowed due to permissions).
    It would be great if SamplingProfiler is working in Win7

    Thanks and best regards
    Dirk Carstensen

  4. Hi Eric,

    Have the same problem as Dirk, got just 1 call to NTDLL.dll while sampling.

    I’m on Windows 7 64 bit – 2 CPU quad core.


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