SamplingProfiler v1.7.1 bugfix release

SamplingProfiler v1.7.1 is now available, it fixes the crash in the paths dialog reported by Kazan in the forums.

Incidentally this was due to a very old Delphi 5 bit of code that somehow survived Delphi 2009 at the compilation level, but bombed at runtime… I dropped the code and made use of the already existing D2009 version, hence the smaller executable.

For further details on this version, see the v1.7.0 post.

One thought on “SamplingProfiler v1.7.1 bugfix release

  1. Hello,

    I jst found this website (rss and downloaded new 1.7.1 version, just testing).

    Couple “simple” fix/enhancements
    1. Trivial, but time running in bottom left corner does not fit the space with large fonts/High DPI setting
    2. I would love to have Stop sampling after XXX Sample/KSample/MSample samples


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