MapFileStats v1.2 out and other news

MapFileStats v1.2 is now available for download, it fixes reported issues and introduces a few minor improvements, such as using the ability to abort search paths scans and remembering MAP File and Search Paths options between executions. You can find the complete list in the changelog.

In other news v1.7 of SamplingProfiler should be ready “soon”. It fixes a bug that could drastically reduce the profiled application’s execution speed (when using MAP file information), and will introduce a “Real Time Monitor”, which allows to see what a profiled application is doing in real-time (unsurprisingly).
The monitor is actually a simple web server embedded into the profiler, so you can monitor an application that is run locally or on another machine. Real-time data will be accessible both as a bare-bones HTML page, or in XML form for the AJAX freaks out there.