SamplingProfiler 1.6.0 out of the woods

Version 1.6.0 of the Delphi sampling profiler is now available from its downloads page!

cpu-usage-optionsThe main addition is the ability to have sampling conditioned by CPU usage, ie. only gather profiling information when the CPU usage is high, either for the system or the process.
This was added with three goals in mind:

  • eliminate all that happens when the CPU isn’t busy from the profiling results, making it easier to focus on the CPU bottlenecks that matter.
  • gather profiling information only when the system is under stress, and find out if your code copes well with system stress… or is a poor OS citizen and just adds to the trouble.
  • identify sources of high CPU usage in your code, that could be reducing battery life when running on a mobile platform.

Note that CPU-usage based sampling can have the side-effect of eliminating I/O and other waits from the profiling results, so if your application’s bottlenecks aren’t CPU-based, you could miss them.

Other changes are support for the “Pause” key to pause profiling, time limit for sampling collection now starting from the first time sampling is enabled (rather than application start) and support for multi-selection when opening results.

This is also the first SamplingProfiler version compiled with Delphi 2009, oddities are not known at this point but expected.

2 thoughts on “SamplingProfiler 1.6.0 out of the woods

  1. Hi,

    thank you for this very helpful tool! One issue found: When trying to use it under Vista x64 the system crashes with a BSOD immediately (also occurs with the previous release 1.5.x). Something I am missing here?


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