OptimalCode – “Delphi Optimization Guidelines”

If you recognize the title of this article by Robert Lee, then chances are you’ve been around Delphi for a while! 🙂

Alas the optimalcode.com website and Robert Lee disappeared years ago without a trace, but the “Delphi Optimization Guidelines” (dating back from 2002-3003) has been safeguarded and preserved. Recently someone pointed to me that the mirror I had in my Links section had disappeared too…



Just a notice: I’ve updated the XE2 single-precision floating point article after using the (up to now) undocumented {$EXCESSPRECISION OFF} directive, thanks to Allen Bauer for chiming in!

Executive summary: this directives enables use of single-precision SSE floating point instruction by the compiler, and brings their performance in line with expectations, making Delphi XE2 64bit compiler the new King of the Delphi Hill.