DWScript happenings and new logo

Long time, no post here, but not no happenings on the DWScript front :)

Behold a “cleaned up old logo” for DWScript, which will replace the old one until a better one is made


The DWS source saw mostly bug fixes and small improvements during the last months, as I became absorbed in the crypto-currency project mentioned several months ago. What was initially planned as an experiment grew a bit more, and is now self-financing project involving several servers, with DWScript WebServer powering the main one (web, db, and data gathering). It is now serving about 1.2 GB in almost 700k requests every day, essentially JSON and server-side generated HTML.

Another source of improvements for DWS came from the fixes leading up to the release of Smart Mobile Studio 2.1.

New DWS WebServer release

DWS_serverA new pre-compiled release v2014.04.04 for the DWS WebServer is available from the downloads page, it is compiled from the latest source.

Besides the usual demo sites, it has been used to serve a crypto-currency block-chain explorer website that peaked at 1600 page views / hour after some successful tweets went viral.


HTTP Redirection in DWSWebServer

DWS_serverHere is a small snippet to illustrate how you can perform a conditional HTTP 301 redirection in DWScript, and can serve as an illustration on serving “special” HTTP responses.

This is useful when a website is moved from one domain to another, but the server is not, ie. if  both old and new domains are hosted by the same server.