Website getting up to speed

I’ve reorganized the site a bit since the relocation, tweaked WordPress behind the scenes, added OpenID support for comments and hopefully sorted out the over-aggressive spam filter.

The support forums are no longer available now also hosted here, no OpenID support for them just yet, but I’ll enable it as soon as it’s out of beta. For bug reports and features/suggestions, the forums are the place to post (easier to track things).

There will likely be a new SamplingProfiler release in the next days, which will add support for CPU-usage-based sampling, ie. profiling only takes place when the CPU usage goes above above a treshold (either at the system or the process level).

MapFileStats public release

mapfilestatsMapFileStats is a simple free utility to obtain executable binary size statistics derived from a “.map” file.

Use it to know which units contribute the most to an executable’s size, which DFMs are the largest, which units you have dependencies on but barely use in your executable, or merely to know exactly what gets into your executable.

You can integrate it into the Delphi IDE via the Tools menu, see the MapFileStats page for more details or to the download page and see for yourself!

Host downtime and relocation

Previous host experienced downtime issues, so has been relocated on a new host. Not everything is back up in order just yet…

Update: download, screenshots & links back online, but comments seem to be lost forever…
Update 2: did some tweaking with the help of YSlow, site should be loading faster now.
Update 3: was able to access the old database, restored the lost comment.

Peer support forum

edit: forums have since been deprecated, use StackOverflow for questions.

I’ve opened a forum for SamplingProfiler, destined for peer support and bug reports:

I don’t have any previous experience with as a host, but I don’t expect the traffic to be huge, so it’ll probably be good enough.
Forums are now hosted locally.
Another channel through which you can reach me would be via posting in the CodeGear newsgroups. shall be the url for this page for the foreseeable future, the one you can bookmark!
When time allows, I’ll post my other Delphi-oriented tools here, hence the name of the site. For now I’ve just added a few links, I’ll be adding more and reworking the site pages as I get more familiar with WordPress.

A home for SamplingProfiler…

…after having long been a ghost in the Borland attachments newsgroup, this is an attempt for a more permanent home for SamplingProfiler. Hopefully you’ll find news and download links here.

The current released version is 1.5.2 and available from
A version 1.6.0 is happening, at this point it’s just a version compiled with D2009. If you are interested in testing it, leave comments here!