Website getting up to speed

I’ve reorganized the site a bit since the relocation, tweaked WordPress behind the scenes, added OpenID support for comments and hopefully sorted out the over-aggressive spam filter.

The support forums are no longer available now also hosted here, no OpenID support for them just yet, but I’ll enable it as soon as it’s out of beta. For bug reports and features/suggestions, the forums are the place to post (easier to track things).

There will likely be a new SamplingProfiler release in the next days, which will add support for CPU-usage-based sampling, ie. profiling only takes place when the CPU usage goes above above a treshold (either at the system or the process level).

Peer support forum

edit: forums have since been deprecated, use StackOverflow for questions.

I’ve opened a forum for SamplingProfiler, destined for peer support and bug reports:

I don’t have any previous experience with as a host, but I don’t expect the traffic to be huge, so it’ll probably be good enough.
Forums are now hosted locally.
Another channel through which you can reach me would be via posting in the CodeGear newsgroups.