SamplingProfiler MiniGuide

Eric Grange -

SamplingProfiler is provided "as is", with no warranty of any sort, it's experimental software, and for all I know, it may work, but it could just as well end up reformatting your hard disk, burn your house or eat your dog. Consider yourself warned.

For additions, changes and fixes, see Version History.

What is SamplingProfiler?

It is a sampling profiler (!) for Delphi, though it may be able to profile application compiled by many other compilers, the focus is (currently) solely on Delphi applications.

This is a free utility, if you found it useful, don't hesitate to show your support.

Getting Started

  1. Introduction
  1. Basic Operation
  1. Advanced Options
  1. RealTime Monitor
  2. Understanding

About SamplingProfiler

This version of SamplingProfiler makes use of various tools, libraries, components and open-source code snippets:

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