High Performance Delphi

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Delphi Optimization Guidelines

The guidelines presented here fairly general but with a Delphi specific focus. Additionally the focus is on modern Intel CPUs (Pentium and Pentium II). Other CPUs, for instance the AMD K6-2 and later, may also be good choices and may benefit from the optimizations listed here. However, they are not as well documented publicly so it is difficult to know for sure.

The guidelines fall into two general types: 1) coding styles and 2) specific optimization techniques. When writing code, it is common for there to be multiple ways to proceed. Some of these ways generally tend to result in faster code. You might call it passive optimization. This is the "coding style" type of optimization. However, for those specific routines that are performance bottlenecks this is often not sufficient. In these cases you need to actively optimize the routine. The guidelines that fall into this group are of the second type, "optimization techniques". Additionally, they are divided into functional groups:

Note: that all the techniques presented here assume that optimizations are ON. (Obvious, but needs to be said nonetheless.)

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