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cefHtmlSnapshot v0.5.90 is now available

cefHtmlSnapshot v0.5.90 [1] is now available in the Github repository.

This version is based on CEF4Delphi [2] with CEF 90.6.5 (Chromium 90.0.4430.93). It also includes the updated libjpeg-turbo v2.1.0 [3] which was recently released.

There are no new major features. Both library updates are essentially security upgrades that plug vulnerabilities.

The libjpeg-turbo [4] v2.1.0 has also been pushed to the DWScript repository [5] along with an update for the new TJFLAG_LIMITSCANS flag in the dll import unit (LibTurboJPEG).
Note that DWScript is a required dependency of cefHtmlSnapshot.