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Workaround for TWICImage.ImageFactory bug in Delphi 10.x

After battling for half a day with that subtle bug, I am posting the workaround and analysis here, in case other stumble on it.

The issue lies with the TWICImage [1] class, which encapsulates Microsoft Windows Imaging Component, and can be triggered in multi-threaded usage scenarios, particularly in services.

TWICImage interfaces with Microsoft Windows Imaging Component through a IWICImagingFactory interface stored in a class variable, which is initialized in TWICImage constructor, and there are three issues:

  1. The initialization logic is not protected by a critical section, and is not thread safe.
  2. TWICImage.Destroy clears that class variable once there are no more references, but that logic is not protected either, and not thread-safe.
  3. If TWICImage is created from a thread where OLE has not been initialized (with CoInitialize f.i.), the initialization will silently fail, and TWICImage will just bomb with an access violation at a later time.

The workaround for all three issues is rather simple: create a TWICImage in your main program or in the initialization section of a unit, and do not release it for the duration of the application.