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Migrating from Google Code to BitBucket

Here is a quick guide on migrating a project code from Google Code (SVN) to BitBucket [1] (git) using TortoiseGIT [2], so with a GUI, and with no cryptic command line in sight.

Migrating Wiki/Issues is a bit more involved and not covered here. Migrating downloads has to be done by re-uploading to BitBucket (but at least BitBucket supports binary downloads).

Getting Started

You will need to have a working TortoiseGit install:

You will next need to create and register an SSH key with BitBucket [5], PuTTy is installed with TortoiseGit, you can find it in the TortoiseGit bin folder.

SVN to local GIT

First step is to get the SVN to a local repository, copy your SVN address from the Google Code “Source” page

gc_infos [6]


The in the Windows Explorer, right click in your root folder of choice, and click “Git Clone..”, adjust the parameters

git_svn_clone [7]

Hit ok, and wait for the local copy to be created.

Local GIT to BitBucket

Create your repository in BitBucket

bb_create [8]

then copy the git url, it can be found directly in the “…” menu to the left under the “Clone” action

bb_clone [9]


Go back to the Windows explorer, right click the directory you just created during the clone, and choose Tortoise Git, Settings, then navigate to Git, Remote

git_add_remote [10]


Hit “Add New”, paste in the URL field and remove what’s before ‘[email protected]’, it should look like the above.

You will be asked to fetch from the repository, do it. There is nothing in it, but git does not know that yet, so it needs to fetch at least once.

If you have an SSH key registered with BitBucket, select it in the “Putty Key” field.

Now in the Windows Explorer, right click your directory, select Tortoise Git, Push… and everything should end up on BitBucket.