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DWScript moving to BitBucket

bitbucketWith the closing of Google Code, I will be moving my projects, a priori to BitBucket.
The new URL is https://bitbucket.org/egrange/dwscript [1]

If you have Issues in the Google Code Issue Tracker [2] that matter to you, please copy-paste them to the BitBucket Issue Tracker.

There are few enough active tickets, and the “automatic” import is too convoluted (and would lose many things) to make a “manual import” of the issues preferable, plus if you report it yourself, you’ll be able to report it under your account, and thus be notified of progress.

As for the reason why it’s on BitBucket, well, it’s a matter of features missing on GitHub (like binary downloads) and of personal Web UI preferences.

The source is also present on GitHub at https://github.com/EricGrange/DWScript [3], but that will be a secondary repository, not always up to date, and mostly so that myopic open-source analysis and studies will account for my code towards the Pascal & Delphi scores 🙂