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DWScript news and sneak peek

dwsBelow is a quick summary of changes in the SVN since the last post.

There is also a mini-sneak peek of things to come!

Recent changes

Language changes

Changes relative to SmartMS (for next version)


Internal changes

Sneak peek

Well, sneak peeks new bits actually 🙂

dws web serverYou may remember that the SmartMobileStudio [1] command-line compiler was released for free [2] sometime ago, in the next DWS WebServer the JavaScript CodeGen will be available as well (in pre-compiled form), allowing to use Pascal both server and client-side auto-magically!

The other tidbit is that the JS CodeGen is now becoming scriptable! this means that what the CodeGen generates can be customized by scripts, so you can perform case-specific code generation.

The first use case for this is going to be server-side compilation of static Mustache [3] or Handlebars [4] semantic templates. This allows to write and maintain regular templates, and have them them compiled to straight JS when they’re static, with no parsing of the template on the client-side.