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Multi-Threaded String Building in Delphi

apples_and_a_monsterAfter looking at String concatenation [1] and String Building [2] in Delphi, and as a conclusion, it’s time to have a brief look at what happens in multi-threaded settings, such as in a server pushing JSON, XML or some other text data.

Benchmark Results

The test case is the same as that of the String Building article [2], except from a multi-threaded environment.

The following graphs plots the time it takes for 1 to 8 threads to go through a given workload (100 times the 10k case), on a quad-core CPU. Lower values are better


As a reminder of the participants:

TStringStream is just off-the-chart, literally-speaking, it’s already beyond 2200 in the 4 threads case.

In terms of CPU usage:

Interestingly enough, for both mORMot and DWScript test, the main VCL thread remained smooth and responsive during the tests, while with TStringBuilder, it was not, despite a lower overall CPU usage.

Follow this link for the source code [7].

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