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Pimp your WebSite with an Halloween Bat

bat_rightTime for some Halloween silliness: here is a quick & dirty JavaScript to pimp your website, blog or whatever with a randomly moving vampire bat animation.

Or a dozen. Or a whole flock.

jsbat.js [1] (v1.2 just 1.9 kB)


Download the file to your website or feel free to link it here. Then add as many

<script type="text/javascript" async src="//your_site_and_path_goes_here/jsbat.js"></script>

as you want bats flying around.

It’s all inclusive, relies on base64 images and CSS animation, so it should be hardware-accelerated on all decently modern browsers (ie. anything but IE9 or older).

It’s free and/but unsupported, so use it at your own risks. If it bites your visitors, not my problem.¬†Stake the buggers on your own! But feel free to link back or show your appreciation \/**\/

For WordPress sites

You can insert the bats in a particular post by

It’s important to have the js locally, in your content, and the path without “http” or site name, or WordPress will strip the src tag.