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Pascalish-looking generics poll

Now for a bit of hypothetical polling! thinking on the generics/templates syntax, one can’t quite shake the feeling Delphi got the C#/C++ generics/templates syntax. The  < and > can’t be read out loud, and just look like an out of place reuse of the comparison symbols.

Interestingly enough, Pascal had something of a generics syntax (if in a restricted case) with “array of”. I sometimes wonder how reusing that syntax would float, especially combined with some other enhancements f.i. instead :

TQueue<T> = class
var myQueue : TQueue<T>;
myQueue := TQueue<T>.Create;
function Whatever<T>(param : T) : String;

could be more Pascalish (and readable) as

TQueue of T = class
var myQueue : TQueue of T;
myQueue := new TQueue of T;
function Whatever of T(param : T) : String;

And for multiple types with constraints, instead of

TFoo<T: ISerializable; V: IComparable>

wouldn’t something like

TFoo of T (ISerializable), V (IComparable)
// or (Kazantsev Alexey's)
TFoo of (T : ISerializable, IWhatever; V : IComparable)
// or (Schalk's)
TFoo of T, V
where T is ISerializable
where V is IComparable

be more Pascalish?

The clock can’t really be turned back… but what say you?

Pascalish generics syntax

  • I prefer C-style anyway (40%, 69 Votes)
  • I prefer Pascalish style (60%, 103 Votes)
  • I've got a better idea (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 172

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