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Time for DWScript v2.3!

Or in other words, Delphi Web Script 2.2 has been branched!

“Rich. Small. Fast. Reliable. Choose any Four”

With v2.2, DWScript is now aiming for that motto*, and this new release represents a major step forward from 2.1 in terms of language features and robustness.

DWScript 2.2.0 [1] (348 kB)

Here is a quick summary of additions to the language:

and there are new support tools:

as well as dozens of samples, which can be found at Rosetta Code [2] or in the unit tests. Feel free to show your support DWScript by clicking on the “donate” button to the right 😉

Many things are already cooking up for 2.3, some of these are already present in the SVN…

*: yes “aiming”, and yes, it’s inspired from SQLite [3], we’re not there yet, but we may as well aim high!