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Taming the flock with Object Pascal

And now for a more interactive demo than last time [1], this is a full-screen HTML5 Canvas interactive demo with the source in Object Pascal, compiled to JavaScript by the DWScript JS CodeGen.

Click below to see it in action and hit F11.


Click-me, I’m best seen in action!

It illustrates using records, classes, and invoking the HTML5 Canvas and jQuery directly from Pascal code.

Chrome handles it best, but IE9 and FireFox are doing reasonably fine.

This time, I’ve wrapped it up in a demo zip [3] (653 kB), where you can have a look at the DWScript code, the Delphi code required to compile & run the demo, and you can even fiddle with the source and over-simplified compiler options (Debug/Release/Obfuscated) with the included pre-compiled executable.

To compile the demo yourself, you’ll need DWScript [4] (SVN version), SynEdit [5] (SVN version) and Indy (the version included with Delphi XE should be okay), which is used for a mini-web server to allow running the demo directly in your favorite browser.