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XE2 / DWS 2.2, Rosetta Code, Operators

Quite busy times with Delphi XE2 news appearing all over the web!

DWScript 2.2

DWScript 2.2 is planned for release a little after XE2 comes out, so sometime in September.

Goals for DWS 2.2 have been reached, so it’s mostly a matter of wrapping it up at this point, and tying loose ends. Expect Win64 compatibility, OSX/iOS compatibility will only be as far as the compiler checks go, as I don’t have no Mac to test upon.

Rosetta Code

I’ve begun adding some DWScript code to Rosetta Code [1], the snippets don’t just serve as illustration, but are also used for DWS unit tests, thus killing two birds with one stone.
Feel free to help in this endeavor! 😉

Operator Overloading

Operator overloading is also now available, and can be applied to every types, classes included. You can currently overload all binary operators (+,*, etc.). The declaration syntax is as follows:

operator <op> ( <typeLeft>, <typeRight> ) : <typeResult> uses <someFunc>;

Operator overloading is considered a form of syntax-sugar, and treated as such, ie. you have to provide a regular function to handle the processing, the operator is just an alias for that function.

Also introduced are two extra operators ‘<<‘ and ‘>>’, which can additionally be used at statement level (unlike regular binary operators). By default those two operators do nothing, they’re available for operator-overloading purposes only.

Other miscellaneous news

Other recent miscellaneous improvements in the SVN: