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Delphi 64 open beta now available!

In a bold (or unintentional?) move, a Delphi 64 beta has been released on the Embarcadero servers, there is no official announce yet, so hit the link below while it’s still there, it may not last long!

Delphi 64 (maybe open?) beta download [1]

..alas this was just for april’s fool [2]… Let’s hope the next announcement about Delphi 64 availability will happen before April 2012!

edit 04/04: coincidence? They’ll deny it, no one saw them do it, and anyway no one can’t prove anything, but the following announces have just been made:
Delphi 64-bit Compiler Sneak Preview and Beta – Official Announcement [3]
Delphi 64-bit Compiler Preview and Beta Program [4]
And Marco Cantu has the exec summary: Delphi 64 bit Sneak Preview [5]
With none other than David “let’s-have-a-drink [6]” Intersimone as host for Embarcadero page for “Pulsar” beta being http://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi/64-bit [7]