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Kudos to the Firefox 4 TraceMonkey team!

[1]I’ve been quite impressed with the JavaScript [2] floating point performance in FireFox 4 [3], which puts the Delphi compiler to shame. See for yourself this fractal [4] rendering demo:

Mandelbrot Set in HTML 5 Canvas [5]

I’ve made a version of the same code in Delphi XE (source + pre-compiled executable [6], 331 kB ZIP), and on my machine here, for the 480×480 resolution, where FireFox 4 gets the default view rendered in 124 ms, where the “regular” Delphi version, which is limited to the old FPU, takes about 200 ms

It takes manually SSE-enhanced Delphi code to get back on top with a 87 ms render time. It’s quick non-optimized scalar SSE code sure, and could likely be improved, but the point remains that without asm, Delphi XE’s native compiler trails TraceMonkey [7] in the floating point department…

So Embarcadero, how is that Delphi 64 version coming? is it properly SSE-enabled?