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Things on the radar for DWS

Or a roadmap of sorts. The basic idea is to maintain forward compatibility for the “external” aspects: the language and the components. At the same time, the internals of DWS will be subject to evolution, incremental Darwinian [1] evolution, rather than a straight break into some next-gen architecture.

The main goals:

If you want to help on the DWS compiler & runtime side, at this point the most needed things are unit tests. Can’t have too much of them :).

Library, tools and utilities front:

DWS2 came with a rather vast set of companion libraries, tools and utilities, covering many things from HTML web page generation to auto-completion support functions. At this point I will not focus on those, but on the core aspects mentioned above.

There are however a few RTL-like sets of libraries still to be released, TStringList, TStringBuilder, TXxxxList, file access, etc. all these providing extra optional functionality for the scripts.

If some of you want to help on that front, or need some of the treasures from the old DWS2 chest, they can go ahead and bring the old code up to Unicode Delphi, things should be compatible for the most part on the DWS side apart from a few name changes.


A natural choice would be the google code wiki facility, but it’s very primitive to say the least. Another possibility is wikia, but I’ve no idea how easy it would be to export/backup a wikia wiki at this point, should wikia go the way of the Dodo. Another option would be a no-database, xcopy-installable, portable wiki like PmWiki. I’m still looking around, if you’ve suggestions.