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DelphiWebScript Revival

I’m planning a mini resurrection of former DelphiWebScript [1] (by Matthias Ackermann) which has been dormant for a few years already.

DWS is a 100% Delphi-based Delphi-language script engines, that supports a fairly large subset of the Delphi language (including objects), with a performance high enough for use in real-time scenarios (simulators, game engine scripting…).

We’ve been making use of the library at work for years now, with it receiving updates covering a variety of things from Delphi compatibility, to language enhancements to speed or memory usage optimizations. On the other hand, the parts we didn’t use fell significantly behind (to the point of deprecation), and wouldn’t be part of the revival (unless some extra hands join in for the update).

However, most emails and websites from back then have gone the way of the Dodo [2], so this post is mostly a call to former DWS2 maintainers, contributors and users to make themselves known if they are interested… if they are still using DWS2 in some form or another, or if they are merely just still around to share memories of a bygone era 😉