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Delphi 2009 hidden compiler switch?

This morning while debugging a statistical ichthyo-parser I stumbled upon what looked like a Delphi 2009 compiler bug: the compiler was outputting gibberish ASM opcodes… But after further investigations, it appeared this wasn’t completely gibberish, but that it was (somewhat) correct MSIL bytecode!

What’s more, a quick hexadecimal examination of dcc32.exe yelded that this MSIL codegen looks like it can be forced by using an undocumented command-line compiler switch: -af

The resulting exe won’t run because it’s a mismatch of Win32 headers and MSIL bytecode… What do you think?
Did CodeGear plan supporting unmanaged code in managed executables or managed code in native executables?

Update: here is a screenshot [1] of the switch in action.